What is Radio Mediterranée?

Radio Méditerranée is an exchange project with young people from 6 different countries ( Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, France, Germany, and The Netherlands) who discuss and exchange the situation of migration in the different countries. During the project, they will meet migrants and organisations and actors, who are working with migrants in order to create content (podcasts, videos, articles, graphics, etc.). The goal is to give migrants a voice and to raise awareness for the situation of migrants in Europe and North Africa.

The project is organised already 3 times ( Tanger in 2017, Lisbon in 2019 and Marseille in 2022) and will be organised every year in another city. The next edition will be in Autumn 2022 in Oran (Algeria).
The project is a cooperation between Maroc Art´chimiste (Morocco), Graine de Paix ( Algeria), Faisca Voadora (Portugal), Peuple et Culture (France), Stichting Schoolclash (Netherlands) and Clash! Exchange and Learning (Germany). Radio Mediterranée is funded by ERASMUS+ and the German- French Youth Office.